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Be a part of Ramah Berkshires History!

Camp Ramah in the Berkshires is embarking on a multi-platform Torah project. Commissioning and writing a brand new Sefer Torah (Torah scroll) sits at the center of this project. Over the next several months and through kayitz (summer) 2022, we’ll be hosting various programs and educational initiatives to augment the Torah writing.

Since writing a Torah is the 613th commandment of the Torah, we’ve named our Torah writing undertaking Project 613. It is our hope that we get (at least) 613 participants in this endeavor. We invite you to Read, Write, Learn, and Give (more details at the links below).




See more about opportunities to read Torah at camp this summer!


See more about opportunities to write a letter in our new Torah scroll!


See more about our new parashat ha-shavua (weekly Torah portion) learning initiative!

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Make this historic project a reality by dedicating a part of the Torah!